Why should I Meditate?

August 11
Why should I Meditate?
If you’ve ever asked yourself, “what are the benefits of meditation?”, “how does it help me?” or “why should I meditate?” then this article is for you. Meditation serves to bring about peace and equip you with a power that is often underestimated. The act of sitting in stillness calms your mind, reduces stress and helps you find space in your head to evaluate the thoughts, worries and fears going through your head. Having these moments could make you a much more humble person that can formulate well-thought out answers and arguments. Calmness can be a trait we desire as millennials because we can tend to rush through things. Benefits such as better quality of life, more physical and emotional health, a better attitude towards life and people around you, to name a few. These are all things that will benefit your daily activities as well as your interactions with those around you.
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